Zip screen track awnings are fantastic outdoor awnings that enable you to entertain all year-round.

The blinds can be opened completely enabling you to enjoy a light breeze without any obstructions. You can choose to completely seal off your entertainment space using Zip Screen’s patented zLOCK technology and bottom sealing strip. This technology includes zLOCK fastening side channels which allows for secure guided movement when opening and closing your blinds. The transition of the material to track is seamless with no unsightly tape to impede vision.

The option to completely seal off your entertainment space allows for a great level of privacy and creates a cosy atmosphere for your event. Sealing your outdoor space is also great for winter in protecting it from the wind and rain while preserving the heat from your outdoor heaters.

Our collection of clear or mesh fabrics enable you to preserve the gorgeous view of your garden from your pergola or outdoor entertainment space even when the area is sealed. Mesh fabrics in particular help reduce UV rays and glare making them perfect for summer entertainment. You can completely customise the colour of your mesh awnings with the option to choose from 150 custom colours from the Dulux powder coat range.

These awnings go from 0.5m up to 5.5m in width and 0.5m 4.5m in their drop, covering outdoor entertainment spaces of most dimensions. Again, the colours of this awnings can be customised to your needs with the standard open style hooding available in pre-finished COLORBOND colours. The headbox cassette under the hooding is also a very compact system with dimensions of 130mm in height and 100mm in depth allowing it to blend in with the rest of the awning.

Another benefit of zip screen track awnings is that they can be cleaned easily. All they need is a good hose down with your garden hose. When the awnings are completely dry, brush off the dust for a clean finish.

Zip Screen Track Awnings Options

Fabric –

  • Mesh fabrics: Outlook, HVG’s Visiontex & Vistaweave
  • PVC

Operation –

  • Mesh fabrics: Outlook, HVG’s Visiontex & Vistaweave
  • PVC

RobCam Blinds supply and install straight drop awnings in canvas or mesh fabrics to businesses and homes in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Our team has years of experience, so they’ll be able to assist you with every step of the process – from choosing your awning’s colour and finish to the installation. Contact us today for a free quote!

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